linux kernel rc 5

So I was having a horrible time using my arduino boards when they had worked previously.
Did all the running around of creating udev rules and such to no effect. I would not be able to select a port for the connection.
Then I remembered I rolled my own kernel since last time I played with them so I went back to my previous kernel and it worked as normal.
Any others had a problem with a somewhat recent 4.10 kernel?

Sorry is wrong place to post but figured this is where others might try if having same issue.

So went back to trying to find the issue with this in kernel 4.10.
Seems defconfig has changed and does not have ch341 selected anymore and it does not carry over from my previous config for an older kernel. Need to select usb winchiphead ch341 single port serial driver when compiling a new kernel and all is well again. Works 4.10-rc8+.