LiPo balancer circuits

Hello Arduino-fellows,

I'd like to use 2x3.7V LiPo Batteries with a capacity of 2500mAh each in parallel. Can you recommend a power efficient LiPo balancer. Unlike the TP4056 module for charging the LiPos, there do not seem to be standard balancer circuits. Could you please also forward me some tutorials that you found helpful for this topic? Thank you!

My favorite search engine, when presented with the phrase "lipo balancer circuit" turned up dozens of interesting possibilities. Surely you can find something to like.

PS: there is nothing "standard" about the TP4056 module. It is simply an option that is cheap, mass produced, and therefore highly visible, and also has very significant shortcomings.

Lipos in PARALLEL don't need balancing. That applies only to series connected cells. If they're connected in parallel they are already by definition in balance.

Perhaps you mean something else?


I suspect the OP thinks they need, for some undisclosed reason, a charger to 'balance' charge two LiPo that are used in parallel, but I am as puzzled as @slipstick as to why would you think you need to do this ?

All the practical applications I have seen of charging batteries in parallel, use batteries that are very well matched in the first place, there is no need for 'balance' charging.

You should not be connecting Lithium batteries that are not already very well matched in parallel in the first palce. A fire risk.

I didn't notice the "parallel", but who knows what the OP actually meant?

I didn't notice the "parallel", but who knows what the OP actually meant?

Indeed, who knows ?

I was also puzzled by the 'power efficient LiPo balancer' comment.

As is often the case a description of the actual project would help a lot.