Lipo Battery safe circuit

Does anyone have a good tutorial or modul for safe charging?
Lipo should power board and leds so i need to boost to 5V.
Any good advises?

There is a website called battery university, try this link: BU-409: Charging Lithium-ion - Battery University
It goes into a lot of detail on this and other batteries.

Here are two good modules:
Charging module: Link
High pass module: to 5v

The Step Up Modul only allows 2A to pass. Does this matter because my project needs 4V at Max Brightness.

Do I have to connect the esp32 and the led seperatly or can I power the esp32 via the led strip.

There are many step up modules with various characteristics such as: HERE or HERE, it is just a matter of looking for the right one.

At how many volts does the led strip work?. And what esp32 board are you going to use?

LED Strips works with 5V.

I think of the Lolin D32 but if you can me give a better solution it is possible to switch the board

I haven't tried it. It looks like a good plate.

From the 5V of the led strip and through the usb port of the board, with a usb cable only with + and gnd, without the two data cables.

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