LIT Halo - responsive LED headband

We started messing around with Arduino and electronics in general about 2 1/2 years ago. Last week, we launched a Kickstarter project to fund our invention.

The Halo is an LED headband that responds to music. It is built around the AtMega328. We utilize an MSGEQ7 chip that discerns between different frequencies in sound picked up by an electret microphone. We also use an MCP4131, a digital potentiometer for adjusting the sensitivity of the audio amplifier circuit. The hardware also includes a USB charger for 2 lithium ion batteries and a power regulator circuit for the arduino. All or the hardware is populated on flex circuit board that we designed ourselves.

We have created a software architecture for developing responsive patterns on the 32 RGB LEDs present on the Halo. Beat detection algorithms are build into the architecture. We’ll post our code to github at the end of our kickstarter campaign.

If you are interested in this project or have any questions about how we designed it, please message me.

Link to our kickstarter campaign for more information.


Hi, Interesting similar stuff done in the past:

One of the kids in my workshop made one that was a hat not a helmet. Hmmm. All I have is this when he got the programmable LED strips running: Arduino 101 LED Strips for FiberOptic Mohawk - YouTube The Bandpass chip is cool.