Lithium Batteries Series Charging with TP4056?

I Found the answer to my question - deleted.

Some details of the batteries you are using and how they are connected would help .................

And which Arduino are you using ?

Well the batteries are standar Lithium Batteries used in all kinds of DIY projects and power banks, laptops. I Haven't decided on the exact components yet since im trying to figure out powering methods right now. Ill probably use an Arduino Uno with a seperate Motor Controller.

EDIT : The batteries will probably be the NCR18650B 3400mAh

First Of all, im planning on using a 6V 1.1W 200mAh Solar cell to charge each battery Module (tp4056), which is way less than the recommended 1A input you should use, so it this gonna effect the battery life at all, or just slow down charge time?


Sloooooooooow down charge time.

You can increase charge current by putting multiple solar panels in parallel.

You might also look into pre-built solar chargers / USB power banks that a backpacker would take on a long through hike, such as the PCT or CDT. ← 25 watt solar USB charger

Can you provide a diagram of what you are trying to do.
The TP4056 can only charge a single cell, and cannot charge cells in series.
If you want to charge cells in series, then you need a balance charger designed for such a purpose.