load bitmap in glcd

Help this syntax to load bitmap in this lcd:

The lcd is 192x64 width bv4613 controler, in the library the void is: void PaintBitmap(TPointI,::TBitmap *);

TPoint I have it clear that geometry is the same for other drawings.
TBitmap is what I can not clarify in library is:

struct TBitmap
int Height;
int Width;
unsigned char *Data;

In the skeech I write:
#include <BV4613.h>
#include <Geometria.h>
#include <twi.h>
#include “mapa.h”



The error is:
GLCD_192X64.cpp: In function ‘void setup()’:
GLCD_192X64:27: error: no matching function for call to ‘TBitmap::TBitmap(int, int)’
E:\arduino-1.0\libraries\BV4613LIB/BV4613.h:23: note: candidates are: TBitmap::TBitmap()
E:\arduino-1.0\libraries\BV4613LIB/BV4613.h:23: note: TBitmap::TBitmap(const TBitmap&)

It might help if you used the "MODIFY" button to redo the code using the ["#"] button to create a
scroll window so people can scroll through the code. Just highlight your code and press the "#"
button and then press SAVE.
Also , if you turn on "verbose" output in "File\Preferences" you can copy all of the compiler verbose
output by placing the mouse cursor in the verbose output window over the red text and press Control-A,
to highlight, then Control-C to copy and then open Notepad and place the mouse cursor in the notepad
window and press Control-V to paste it into Notepad. You can then attach it to your post.