Load Cell 2000kg + HX711 measurement issue


I'm currently working with a Load Cell S-Type. I'm planning to measure weight with an Arduino Nano,
the input voltage can be from 5-12V, it has 4 wires, 2 for the source and 2 for the output voltage.

I will attach the specifications to the thread, searching on Internet I saw that I have to use an Amplifier and I was looking on market, certainly Sparkfun provides one Load Cell Amplifier HX711

I was talking with Sparkfun team and they said it will possibly not be useful with this Load Cell, maybe because the weight is too high!

So, I'm new in this world of measuring Load Cells and I was wondering if somebody could provide a circuit to start, hints or where to start o solve this issue, another idea is to use Low Cost Straing Gage Load Cell Amplifier with INA 125 P

I think the biggest issue is going to be the heavy weight of the transducer!

Any help could work!

The output voltage (ca 10mV) is perfectly OK for the HX711. Use shortest possible.. and shielded cables to connect supply voltage (5V?) and return signal from the loadcall

Hi Knut, thanks for your answer!

Use shortest possible..

-About this, you're talking about the connections? Or what other thing?

The output voltage (ca 10mV) is perfectly OK for the HX711

Well in the Spec's sheet the rated output is 2.0 +- 0.05mV/V but I'm not sure what exactly are they saying, could you be more specific, please?

I will asume this wiring diagram to work with the transducer (2000kg) + HX711 Amplifier + Arduino (In my case, Nano)
and I will work with the github.com/aguegu/ardulibs/tree/master/hx711 library to start doing some tests!

  • Yes... short cables
  • 2mV for each volt supplied. => sensor gets 5V => out 10mV (@ full load)