Locating .hex file in Arduino IDE Arduino.app

Hi, I'm new to Arduino. I'm trying to follow some instructions about uploading a script via bespoke installer. To do so I 'm told Ineed to locate the .hex in Arduino.app. I'm in a MacBook Air with OSX 10.9.

Any help gratefully accepted.:-)

In the "Preferences..." dialog select "Show verbose outout during: [X] compilation [ ] upload". Then when you do a build (Verify or Upload) the last line (running avr-objcopy) will show where the .hex file was put:

//Applications/Arduino 1.6.5rc3.app/Contents/Java/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-objcopy -O ihex -R .eeprom /var/folders/cs/p6yz0z1m8xj9lf0059b_lzw00000gn/T/build4713030372560900807.tmp/Blink.cpp.elf /var/folders/cs/p6yz0z1m8xj9lf0059b_lzw00000gn/T/build4713030372560900807.tmp/Blink.cpp.hex

In this case the .hex file was created in:


Sketch > Export compiled Binary (available since version 1.6.5) puts the .hex file in the sketch directory.

Thank you for your advice.