Lock pick

Is there an existing Project or can anyone advise how to build an electric lock pick?
They cost around £350 here in the UK!
I’ve had a TI-59 programmable Calculator which is firmly attached to the cradle of the TI PC100A printer for some time. When I bought it the key that allows you to take the TI-59 from the printer cable was and is missing. I’ve taken it to the ‘best?’ Locksmiths in Sheffield - they had it for 3 days but couldn’t open it. Both the calculator and the printer work, except for the card reader on the TI-59. I know how to repair the card reader BUT I need to get it off the printer cradle to do that. I’ve tried to pick the lock myself without success.
I believe an electric lock picker might do it but I’m not paying £350 for one!
Can anyone help or advise please?

If it were my project, I would take it to a another locksmith, who guarantees their work.

Picking locks.... Do You work to get free accomodation? Dirty business, bad stuff for everyone except the lock smith.

I agree with above - find a better locksmith - way back those type of locks were wafer locks - maybe 5 min. with a bent paperclip if the person was not very good. Lockpick's come in several versions, building one will probably take some time and skill.

Not much knowledge and education offered as responses so far - do I assume from the answers so far that you don’t know how to build an electric lockpick machine. Perhaps that’s why they’re £350 because they’re so complicated to build? I’ve had a lot of people tell me it’d take them 3 seconds with a paper clip - when they came round and tried I’m afraid they all left red faced after 2 hours!

I thought such designs were based on an electric toothbrush. :grinning:

Well, a nice sharp drill bit would probably work.

Depending on your location, lock picks are highly regulated and possibly illegal unless you are a licensed locksmith.

Not much knowledge and education offered as responses so far

We are well enough educated to understand the folly of trying to build a lock pick machine that might not work and would be used only once, and just smart enough to imagine taking the item to another, more skilled locksmith.

Since this is the Arduino forum, what would the Arduino do?

Here's a picture I found online...

It looks like a simple lock. No electronics. In fact, I don't see what is stopping you from taking the back off the printer and unlocking it that way.


From the picture it looks drillable... Are you opposed to destroying the useless lock that doesn't have a key?

Maybe it's broken, damaged, or frozen and that's why the locksmith couldn't open it?

BTW - If a locksmith can't open it, I'd be very surprised if an "electronic lock pick" could do it. And, your locksmith probably has these kinds of automatic tools so he probably either tried them or he already knows they don't work with this kind of lock, etc.