Logitech pedals and shifter code combination to work with one Arduino Leonardo?


I am tottaly new in Arduino world, but so far so good. I have been able to make working shiftlight for my sim rig and also logitech pedals work as standalone with leonardo board.

So I have used two DIY videos. Pedals and shifter

I have one arduino leonardo and two db9 connectors modified for pedals and shifter.

Separatley both work perfectly with this board.

But my question is can I combine these two codes and make them work together from one board? Copy paste was not enough to get it working. :slight_smile:

Attached notepad file with both codes included.

Thanks for Your help!

logitech shifter + pedals on leonardo.txt (4.53 KB)

The software problem might be solvable but definitely not just copy/paste.

How did you wire the thing. As both videos use the same analog pins the two projects have hardware collisions. Post a wiring diagram of your setup!

First of all, thanks for attention.

For pedals I have used as it is in DIY a0,a1,a2 and this leaves three analog inputs free a3,a4,a5. So I could use these. Changed them in code too(not sure if I did it right) but when I vertify this code before uploading then errors start. Added errors txt file. Some stuff are in conflict or just not needed maybe? Programming is a thing that I have not done before, so…thats why I am here :slight_smile:


errors.txt (1.59 KB)

No wiring diagram, no code. Post the information we need! A wiring diagram is a drawing (maybe by hand), code has to be posted using code tags (that’s the </> button in the editor).
It’s absolutely useless if you post your errors if we cannot see the exact code that produced them.

I am having a similar issue. But it's using a logitech shifter and just simply trying to add one button for a standalone handbrake I have the code correct and handbrake works without the shifter plugged in but once the shifter is plugged in it works and the handbrake is no longer recognized. My dvom was dead so I moved on but still wanting to get 1 leonardo to work both. It has something to do with the logitech or possibly what it does to the 5v even when not in use?

So a different problem but you too haven't shown any code or wiring diagram or error listing. What are we supposed to help with?


Actually I was just adding that to see if the original poster would reply back I planned on making my post tonight with my current code lay out. Don't worry I read the pinned posts and did a whole lot of research on my own. No need to be a dick I didn't start my own post so it's not me asking you about my problem... Was just seeing if OP came up with anything

Was just seeing if OP came up with anything

Your post wasn't formulated that way.

No need to be a dick

It's a bad idea to be offensive to the people here who spend their spare time trying to help you.

This is my take on what he was trying to do, because It’s what I want to do as well but also drive 2 motors on the pedals to give "rumble effect

" As you can see I moved the 2 conflicting pins to other positions. And like HarryMrn I need the “combine the 2 sketches”.

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