Long LED strip starts to bug out at last two feet or so

So i have a 4 meter long LED strip that is powered with a 5v 10A power supply. I uploaded the neopixel Pololu example titled LEDStripXMas which cycles through some patterns.

Everything seems to be working except for the last two feet or so of LEDs that seem to not be getting the proper data and are just bugging out.

Here is a video

Apologies for vertical video syndrome :(

What could possibly be doing this?

I have made sure to enter the correct number of LEDs in the program, it's 4 meters of 60LED/m thus it should be 240. And power shouldn't be an issue i believe.

Try connecting the + and - leads from power supply to both ends of the strip. Add a 220 to 470 ohm resistor on the data line, also placing a 1000uF cap on the + and - of the strip can help with power issues as stated in this article towards the page bottom.

I'm also having the same issue, on a 10 meter strip it starts to bug out about 2/3 of the way through

I'm using a 5V 10A power supply per every 5 meters (so I'm using 2 power supplies)

interested to see if you figure it out...