Long Range RF Communication

Hello Everyone, I am working on a project for a model rocket flight computer and would like to stream data from it in real time over rf to the control station. To do this, I will need about 6mi line of sight range and maybe 5kb/s data transfer. Does anyone know an arduino compatible transceiver capable of this range? The only ones I have been able to find are relatively short range. I am a licensed technical ham if that helps.

is one possibility. Not cheap, though.

It doesn't have the datarate you are looking for (9600 or 19200 baud), but the Xbee XSC S3B has pretty impressive range for its power profile (1/4W), especially if you outfit it with a decent antenna. I have a few I've been playing with, though I haven't done a true outdoor line-of-sight test to see how realistic the 28 mile LOS claim is (I also don't have good antennas to do such a test with). A couple of miles clear outdoor LOS seems plausible with decent antennas though based on my limited use. A heck of a lot cheaper than the XTends (which I wasn't previously aware of). ~$40 on Digikey/Mouser.


can any one help me in increasing the range of xbee pro 2.4 ghz module

can any one help me in increasing the range of xbee pro 2.4 ghz module

With what kind of antenna? From what to what?

Hi all,

I'm working on XL4463 SMT Rf trans-receiver module(SI4463 B1 chip) for long distance communication.I'm able to transmit data but only for few meters. I'm using Radiohead RH24_RF library.Can anyone suggest me a suitable library for this module or any changes that i need to make in RH24_RF library using Arduino?

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Good thing is you get different modules from 0.5W up to 5W, which are quite interoperable. So you can play around with a low cost version at home in your workshop and bring up the 5W modules for your productive system.

And the other good thing is that those modules will be illegal to use in most places in the World, so they dont cause a big heap of interferance to other users of the frequency spectrum.

Go to 868MHz ISM Band and use a simple 3 or 5 el yagi.

I used a couple of transceivers with just a 5 el brake pipe/plumbing tube yagi and achieved 25 miles easily.

There's free yagi design software online.

Using gain antennas (yagis) is OK on receivers, but if you use them on transmitters you can quite easily end up with an illegal setup as you can exceed ERP limits.

Thank you srnet for your suggestion, Surely i will start new thread from next time.

Some one suggested this module(XL4463 SMT) for low power application and for long range communication. This module have its own development KIT and also it can be configured using Arduino also. Since i'm new to this i'm not getting range which they told, and the library i'm using is Radio head library(RH24_RF).Can anyone suggest me which is the better mode to generate library using WDS and things i need to configure for long range communicaton?

Thank you in advance.