Looking For Air-Activated Momentary Switch

I’m building a simple hot-water recirc system for my new house, and want to add manual momentary switches in parallel near sinks to trigger an Arduino to run a pump on a timer and/or temp sensor. That part is no problem.

But I have a kitchen island, and an air-activated momentary switch for the garbage disposal:

I’d like to have an identical air-switch next to it to manually trigger the hot water recirc.

Any ideas on a simple sensor or set of contacts that I could hook up to the air switch? It wants to be a simple momentary trigger (contacts closed when button pressed, open when released), not a built-in relay like the Amazon product above.

Thanks in advance.

Keep searching. The guts of that switch must be available without the mains-rated relay and plug/socket.

Although if time is more valuable than money, you could pay the $24 and cut the guts out of it yourself.