Looking for infrared (IR) remote control libraries

I am making an oversized TV infrared remote control for someone who is disabled (bigger buttons, basically) and will be using an Arduino Nano to run the software. The code will 'learn' the control codes from an existing remote control and play them back.

So far I have found the IRremote and the IRLib libraries (which was developed from IRremote and is very similar). Does anyone know of any other libraries that provide functionality to read and then retransmit the IR codes?

What does IRremote not do that you want?

Both will do the job at this stage but I am trying to find out if there are other alternatives. A market survey, so to speak.

There are some out there already.


Yes I have found a few. Many of the commercial models are designed for older people who have reduced mobility and/or sight. I am working with a charity that has access to all the standard products but needs this one done as a custom aid.

The buttons need to be really big (50 mm or so) and very simplified (all different colours and just the basics). The patient does not have fine motor control and brain function is impaired. The remote control is a small part of the rehabilitation process.

This is not what you need, but I made a library a while ago.
Maybe it will give you some ideas.

Thanks Larry, some good info there.