Looking for suggestions on rech. batteres

I'm in need of some good vendors that design rechargeable cr1225s or similar coin cells preferbaly li-ion and li-po single cells ,any good sites for the same?

Im facing the SHIPPING RESTRICTED problem with most of the vendors is there any way out?

You may have success contacting companies in your country. You may also get help if you let us know your location.


Im in india , no localites here providing specialised stuff. There maybe some in bangalore but they are mostly high qty.

cr1225 is not a rechargable chemistry, its a 3.0V lithium primary cell. There are some
rechargable coin cells out there, NiMH and LiIon, and normally you’d use a battery
management chip matching the cell chemistry.

Cr1225 comes rechargeable by panasonic also the june uv sensor has one cr1225 rechargeable in it. Go checheck on adafruit.

How would you charge the cells? Does anyone sell a charger?

Well these rechargeable coin cells are li.ion so any lion chsrger with 50mA to 500mA recharger is sweet for it depending on the highest recharging ability of the cell, there are ic.s like maxim 73831T also.