Looking for thumb wheel/rotary encoder

I have a project that needs simple input. I think a rotary encoder and some buttons to navigate some simple menus and adjusting values on the fly.

Rather than a rotary encoder that sticks up, I want something like a mouse wheel or the scroll device on a Spektrum Transmitter (lower right in this picture)

I have been looking through my usual parts supply places at the BaZillion different encoders they have, but almost all are the vertical shaft that I am trying to avoid. I want one finger (or thumb) input.

Any ideas?

I did look at taking apart an old mouse and using that encoder. I am just concerned that I will not be able to line up the support pieces after I cut it apart.

Attached it is a link to ebay : Shop by Category | eBay

mouser link :http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Omron-Electronics/A7BS-206-S-1/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMs8I5ltipPMAHXT0vEYmVtP

tauro0221, that doesn't look like what he describes.

Like this, but this one from Ali Express does not include the electronic parts:


Something like this?