LoRa Problem sending message

Dear all,

I bought an Arduino MKR WAN 1310 and like to send a message to TheThingsNetwork. After buying an antenna (which I forgot ;)), I am now able to successfully connect to TTN. However, I am not able to send a message. I am using the code provided in the examples of the MKRWAN_v2 library (FirstConfiguration). So I am a bit confused, as also a simple "connection" needs to send credentials for authentication on TTN - so I see no reason why sending of a message doesn't work.

Here are some thoughts which might be related, but I am new to LoRa and thus don't know the influence of these settings:

  • According to the first configuration example, I am using module version which cannot be configured in TTN (max FW version is 1.2.0)
  • The frequency plan setting is set to "SF9 for RX2 (recommended" which I am not sure what it stands for...better to use another one?
  • In the live data tab, I get (poor) values for SNR and RSSI (-15.8 resp. -114) which might be the main reason? However, again, I can authenticate on the network with these values.

The next gateway is approximately 150 m away (according to ttnmapper), so I have the feeling that it should work...

If everything fails, I will try to move with my laptop next to the gateway and see what happens...

Any ideas why I can't send a message? Other firmware? Other settings in TTN? Some programming tricks?

Thank you in advance, best

UPDATE: Also read that the message "Error sending message :(" shown in the Serial monitor might be wrong. Indeed, I get a message in Live Data in TTN with the Typ "Forward Uplink Data message" and the payload "LedState: null"...as there is no variable LedState in the example, I don't know where this belongs to...

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