LSM303DLHC XYZ calculation


I'm trying to program 3 axis compass modules.

I'm a bit out of date, and use Oshonsoft visual BASIC simulator and programmer.

I have been able to get the X and Y data through a PIC chip onto a screen, or serial port screen, using a program including this line of code for 0 to 45º: arctn = ax / ay / (1 + 0.28125 * ((ax / ay) * (ax / ay))) * picalc '180/PI (arctn being my named variable, as the Oshonsoft Arctan doesn't work properly)

(It has taken a lot of effort with help from others to get this working, so please don't offer 'better' alternatives)

My question is: Can anyone help me add the 'Z' component into the line of code to give the full calculation for all rotations, please?

Thanks, Camerart

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