Make Windows detect your arduino leonardo as another device


So what my question is.
Can you change so Windows detects your Arduino Leonardo board as another device (like Wi-Fi Adapter USB) ?

I have heard some people doing that and looked into it myself and I can change the PID and VID also the name no problem in the board.txt but that still doesn't change the way Windows sees the device.

This is how it looks right now:

What I want is so that my PC detects it as another device like the Wi-Fi USB adapter instead of the Mouse, Keyboard and Pen.

Also I still want the board to act as a Mouse but simply not be detected as one :slight_smile:

If someone could guide me on how I would go around doing this I would be grateful!

Thank you in advance!

The Keyboard and Mouse are "HID" (Human Interface Device) types. You need to create whatever type of interface a USB WiFi Adapter is. I would use Google to look that up. Then I would use Google to see if anyone has done it with an Arduino Leonardo before.

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Thank you for this reply!
Would I still be able to use the mouse to move and click and still only have it show up as the USB Wifi adapter :slight_smile: ?

You could possibly do that by rewriting the driver on the Windows computer.

What exactly are you attempting to do? Sounds like an attempt to circumvent security measures on the computer.

Can a USB WiFi Adapter move the mouse? I don't think so. You can show up as both but if you remove the Mouse device you won't be able to act as a mouse.

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