Make wireless connection with one Arduino-315/433 MHz Transmitter/receiver?


This is my first post in this forum so Hello to everybody!

I have RF 315/433 MHz Transmitter-Receiver Module for Arduino and I make the comunication with 2 Arduinos and everything works fine.

But the problem is that I want to use only an 1 Arduino for the receiver and for the transmitter I want only want to put a push button (and somehow a 1.5V(3v) battery) without using the second Arduino.

Is this possible?

PS: I search it on Google, but without success.


You need some sort of microcontroller on the transmitter (assuming you mean the ones like this - no endorsement) - they require you to send a pattern, and the receiver listens and has to pick that out of the noise. If you didn't send a pattern, the receiving device couldn't differentiate it from noise due to the way the automatic gain adjustment works - constant signals can't be detected (it adjusts so the duty cycle is around 50%, even if it takes amplifying the noise to do so).

There are some cheapo 433mhz devices that have a little keyring transmitter, which has in it a chip that does that in response to button presses (you can find them on ebay), or you could get a cheap, small arduino board (like a nano or pro mini - both are like 2-3 bucks on ebay), and use that to control it.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Yes, this is the module it is the cheapest one.

Yeah I know that I could use a cheap Arduino board, but only just for a pushbutton(and the Transmitter module), I think, is it a waste of the microcontroller power and I could use it in other projects.

Maybe if someone have a different idea to wirelessly transmit(and recive) a signal with some DIY circuit.

Sorry for my double-post, but this is not possible without using 2Arduinos/microcontrollers?