Max hertz for tone()?

Hi! What is the maximum hertz for the tone() function? Thanks!

Bump. Really want an answer! thx.

You failed to indicate which board / processor so I will (sort of) answer for the AVR family.

The frequency parameter is unsigned int. An unsigned int is 16 bits. The maximum value for an unsigned 16 bit integer is?


Also, it's with a RedBoard(basically arduino uno with a little higher maximum input voltage). Atmega328pu

bobdabiulder: 65,536?

The Great and Wise Gorcle disagrees (notice this is the exact question I posed)...

Second hit looks promising.


You are welcome.

In addition, there is a limit imposed by the number of available divisors. For a frequency of 65535 Hz we need a divisor of...

16000000 / 65535 = 244.144350347

However, divisors can only be integers. The next nearest higher divisor is 245 so the actual frequency will be...

16000000 / 245 = 65306.122449 Hz