maximize gui window, linux

silly problem really, i hope i put it in the right part of the forum

when i try to maximize the gui window the window maximizes, but the gui remains the same size in the upper left corner, the same thing happens if i try to make it bigger by dragging.

anyone having the same problem? is there a way to make it maximize correctly?

im running ubuntu 9.04

ask if you want a screenshot, to lazy to upload now, but i hope you understad my explanation.

edit: i tried to modify default.window.width / height in ~/.arduino/preferences.txt without any result

never had problems with the window-size on my 1280x1024 screen. I don’t think there is any arduino-code that sets a maximum limit for the the window size.

Can you tell us the version of the JavaRuntime you are using?
Open a console window and run the command:
java -version

I am running the Runtime from the Ubuntu “sun-java6-bin” package on 9.04 an it works without problems.


I've had this happen to me on occasion. I normally just close the IDE and re-open (and repeat as many times as it takes for the IDE to open properly). I'm currently using openjava6-jdk but I had the same problem when using sun6. This is on kubuntu 9.04, but I had the same problem with kubuntu 8.10.

Sorry I can't help, just wanted to let you know it's not just your pc :)


thank you for the replies!

apperently im using java5, so that might be the problem, although both arduino and processing are running smooth (exept this) but i had some problems with other java apps. will try to install the later version later this afternoon, thanks for the tip!

here is a screenshot if you wonder how it looks:

also sometimes the window theme is changed to a really ugly one, but that didnt happen today.


thanks for the help wayoda, installing the later version helped. also the theme follows the one i use for the desktop.