Maze solver maze

I've been wanting to build some maze solving bots now I just completed a maze that can be changed around. If you look close you can see the slots I plugged so you can lock the the pieces together only mistake I made was its nine by nine so I'll have to add a row but it's a start. Also I plan on cutting the rows in half to make an even more complex maze. Basically changing it from a 9x9 grid to a 18x18 now to do a little programming and see how it goes.

You can use an RF tag as the cheese for you mouse bot.

It would also be cool if you could print out the map traveled and the solution map.

Nice. How easy will it be to reconfigure?

That brings back memories of a computer show I went to in London (probably Earls Court) in the early 80's where they were holding a Micromouse maze solving competition (or was it a demonstration - can't remember now).

EDIT: Just watched a Youtube video of the 5 fastest mice at an American event in 2019. These mice are seriously fast compared to those back in the 80s.

That would make a heck of a hackathon subject for Arduino.
Everyone gets the same kit with some options to choose from and a random maze at the end. They would have a day and a half to implement one of a set of provided algorithm descriptions or make their own algorithm.

They all appear to take the same exact path, where is the problem solving?

That's the final timed run once the robot knows the maze. There is a predecessor step where the mouse explores and maps.

Cool, the problem solving is my favorite part.

I have maze drawn on graph paper. To take it apart and remake the same maze would be pretty fast especially if I number the pieces. Once I made all the pieces. It only took about 30 minutes to assemble going off my diagram. I'll be working on maze solving with camera sonar simple algorithms and mapping whole maze then solving for shortest route. It's to get my kids more involved with building stuff. There over legos so there having fun with this

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