Measurement of DC current with non invasive method

Hi, I have to measure a DC current with a non invasive method. I don't need a high resolution, just I need to have a range about 0-70A Could you suggest me some sensor able to do that and with an easy plugin with Arduino (I'm not much expert in soldering or build integrated circuits!)

Thank you very much for any suggestion!

At that kind of current, a clamp on meter would be good.

Might have a look here:

Thank you very much..but unfortunatly my budget is much lower.. there are some product more cheap then those and easy to manage with an arduino?

Thank you!

Thank, but Unfortunatly in need to work with DC current..

Unfortunatly in need to work with DC current…

I thought those clamp-on things worked by Oersted effect. If they don’t, there is probably something that does. And why the need to be non-nvasive anyway?

There are 2 types of clamp meters. The cheap and nasty ones are simply a current transformer and only work with AC. The better ones that will measure both DC and AC have a calibrated Hall Sensor, but are also more expensive.

Thank you very much for the answer. I would a non invasive method just because the current to measure are of a device already cabled and I don't want cut connections to insert the sensor. I was hope that exist some cheap measure sensors but I seen that are always for AC..

You have to look at something like this : . But unfortunetelly, I don't have any manual for this so I'm not shure how to "read it" .

Thank you for your suggestion! IT seems really what I search. I found a similar here:

but your could be better!

Thnak you everybody for support