Measuring moisture and temperature of skin


I would like to measure the moisture and temperature of a skin, more precisely the coat of my dog who has short hair. My device should be wearable, maybe as replacement for the dog-collar. I am not sure if this is possible with common sensors like Water Sensors, Moisture Sensors, Infrared Thermopile Sensors or common Temperature Sensors. I would be very grateful if you have some input for me.

Kind regards

The sensors you are looking for do exist.

A quick Google search for skin temperature sensors leads to many results. Most of them are for small adhesive pads for neonatal babies. If you want to make it part of the collar, just use a standard theormocouple.

A search for skin moisture sensors gives a lot of personal beauty products, but they all seem to work by placing two metal pads on the skin about 5mm apart and measuring the resistance between these pads. Getting the pads to make good contact could be hard, but the sensor itself is very simple.

What do you hope to get from measuring the dogs skin moisture? I was always told that dogs don't sweat! which is why they pant.


so, using two metal pad for measure human skin moisture is gonna work?