Medical Sensors


I'm working now in a new project for medical purposes in which we will use some sensors to monitor a patient and collect data in arduino which sends the processed data to a PC using RF transmitter/receiver.

We have two options regarding the sensors: 1) build them, which will be a difficult process. 2) buy them, but the problem i don't know where I can find a company that provides reliable medical sensors.

The sensors I'm looking for: - temp. sensor - Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) - Blood Pressure - Galvanic Skin Conductance.

So please, I need your advise and help to find reliable medical sensors that can be interfaced easily with arduino board.


There are temperature sensors everywhere.

The other ones are a bit trickier.

The most widely used medical temperature probes are from Yellow springs instruments. They are thermistors that change resistance with temperature. See


Don't know how much this is worth, but the Lego Mindstorms unit, like the Arduino, has 10-bit resolution on it's inputs. This very simple setup works to the point of beeing able to tell when someone gets a bit stressed (like when telling a lie). Hope it helps!