Meet-up in London?

Anyone up for a meet-up in London? Nothing official, just a few beers and a chat in a pub somewhere?

How about one Saturday in July?

Its a canny hike from Newcastle for a couple of beers ;D

  • Tony


Hey Mike,

Err, I'm moving back to London at the beginning of June so I may be up for a beer or two. Where did you have in mind?

Not sure. I'm based down in Orpington. I was hoping one of the people who replied would suggest somewhere but there's been a surprising lack of response so far.

I could be up for that! I'm down in leafy Surrey but somewhere within walking (staggering?) distance of a mainline terminus would be doable.


There is a group of people who meet occasionally in London. H3 I think it's called. I think they announce their events.

Talking to Alex at's London offices would get you more info.


Thanks for that - I'll follow the twitter feed at .


The H3 event is a workshop and you have to pay to go there. I was talking about an informal gathering of like-minded Arduinoites.

There have been monthly informal get togethers at a pub in London. Send an email to and ask if this is still happening.

Sounds like a good idea. I would be up for that :-)

I've emailed Tinker It to get some more details. If they don't do it and there is enough people we can arrange something.


Sounds good to me

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Who's going to the London Hackspace Event on June 17th?