Mega 2560 clone from Emartee


I bought a

on Ebay, mistakenly believing I was buying

The instructions say I need to burn a bootloader, and it seems reasonably straightforward:

Is this (and modifying the Arduino environment) a one time event, and after that, I can program the board using the USB A/B cable?

From this thread, I understand not all of the program flash can be used, maximum program size is 128K or 80K?

Sorry if I am rehashing known stuff, I just want to check if I want to hack a parallel port programmer, if only needed once, or buy a TinyISP.

Can I burn the bootloader using a functioning arduino, connecting the 6 ICSP pins of the 2 boards?


for 48$ and no boot loader I would make them take that crap back

and yes if you have a functioning arduino you can use that to burn the boot loader

though you will have to see what pins are what on the mega, the spi port is not on the same pins, on the older ones it was something like 50-53

Yes, the thought of sending it back has crossed my mind, however, if burning a bootloader with another Arduino results in a board that can be programmed using a USB cable, then it is not worth the hassle of returning the board plus the effort of ordering another one.

Thanks for the link to the tutorial.