Mega 2560 stuck at Uploading to I/O board

This arduino had been working for around 3 weeks but yesterday when i tried uploading a program it stuck at "Uploading to I/O board"

I tried uploading the Basic Blink program and it didnt work either so it is not a problem with the script. I checked and i had my serial port selected (COM4) and my board selected (Arduino Mega 2560) I used different cables (USB) and different USB ports The ON led is on and the L led blinks twice when i connect the board and several times (around 5) when it starts uploading the program

My OS is windows 7 and i repeat the arduino was working perfectly until yesterday. I have a duemilanove which I tried and is still working correctly (that one uses COM3)

I first thought that it was the arduino bootloader but the L led blinks twice when i press the reset button any ideas??? oh and I dont have !!! anywhere in the code as i said, its the blink program (I tried other basic programs) Thanks for your help

Is the device correctly recognized by windows? Anything getting hot?

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Thanks madworm but i had to give up on it i just exchanged it with sparkfun im doing a project and i dont have much time to fix those things, but i really apreciate your help. :)