Memory Problem StandardFirmata+Lilypad ATmega168


I am trying to upload the StandardFimata to a Lilypad ATmega168 from 1.8.2 Arduino version using FTDI USB Basic Breakout adaptor.

I get it blinked with the blink example changing time, etc., but when I try to upload StandardFirmata example it said:

"Sketch uses 12534 bytes (87%) of program storage space. Maximum is 14336 bytes.

Global variables use 1091 bytes (106%) of dynamic memory, leaving -67 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 1024 bytes.
Not enough memory; see for tips on reducing your footprint.
Error compiling for board LilyPad Arduino"

Same idea about how to make it works?

Thank you very much in advance



Thanks for your answers. Let´s try.