Microcontroller for joystick

I am designing an arduino based joystick, which works fine with an arduino micro. Now I would like to shrink the project a bit further, and thought about designing a pcb which would include the microcontroller and all the required components.
My first thought was to use the Atmega 32u4 as the Arduino micro does. But the price is a bit higher than I expected.
My question if there is an alternative to this chip which has a built in USB and can show itself to the PC as joystick. I don't need a ton of functionality, just 14 GPIO pins and the USB connection and that I can program it using the Arduino IDE.
I might end up using the 32u4 but I thought I would ask here first :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help best regards,

Maybe 32U2?
Or 8U2?

How about ATtiny?

It has a board called Digispark, acts as a HID joystick using the software USB stack (V-USB).
The cheaper than mega, and the clone board is also cheap and small but therefore only a few GPIOs...


Please use DigisparkJoystick Library included as standard.

Digispark has install a micronucleus boot loader, you can write from the ArduinoIDE using USB.
Namely, without a high voltage programmer even if you change the RESET pin to GPIO.
but it may still not be enough for the number of GPIO you requested...
It may be possible if you review the project design and omit few GPIO.

For the features 32u4 provides they are not expensive. Is 5000USD a lot to your project? Hope it's not because that's how much you must pay USB implementation forum to get your own USB VID. Don't use Arduino's. That's stealing. If 5000USD is a lot, maybe talk to Arduino LLC and see if you can get them to spit out a PID for you for a lower cost.

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