MIDI and Nano RP2040?

Greetings. I received my Nano RP2040 this week and the first thing I tried to do was load my C++ sketch that uses MIDIUSB.h on a Leonardo/Micro and the library was not available for the Nano RP2040? Any suggestions for another MIDI library that is compatible and uses USB for MIDI as a native HID device like MIDIUSB does? Thanks.


You need to use the tinyusb support files:-
But I don't know if this is available under the Arduino framework.

This thread seems to be archiving progress on porting libraries to the Pico chip: https://forum.arduino.cc/t/libraries-updated-to-support-new-rp2040-based-boards-raspberry-pi-pico-etc/860353
as of now I can't see any mention of MIDI though.

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