MIDI and Wire library project

Hello, first time poster but long term lurker here.

I want to create a MIDI to CV project with Arduino.

My question is about using libraries for two different baud serial protocols on the same Arduino.

I want to interpret incoming MIDI (using the MIDI 2.5 library) and then control a MCP4725 DAC (serial I2C via Wire library). Can I set one baud for the digital ins (for MIDI) and another for the Analog inputs (used by the Wire library)? Is it possible to run two different bauds at the same time?

Or will I need to 1) monitor MIDI at appropriate baud 2) on receipt of MIDI, change baud to control the DAC 3) switch baud again for monitoring MIDI etc?

Sorry if this is a stupid question.

cheers, Howard

The baud rate simply defines the spacing between bits sent/received by a port. Since there are different libraries being used to handle the different ports, there is no conflict with using different baud rates on different ports.

Thank you very much Paul.