Midi Controller Project

Hi everyone.

New in Arduino and i have some questions for my forthcoming project. I'd like to create a midi controller with 27 potentiometres and 17 switches (on/off). In fact i want to recreate the interface/buttons of the Minimoog. Can afford Arduino 44 inputs? And how? I've seen many videos but noone with so many inputs.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

The Mega 2560 has 54 digital inputs but only 16 analogue inputs so your requirements are going to be difficult to meet. You may need to use external devices to read that many pots and for them to communicate with the Arduino. How complicated are you prepared to make this ?

I want to be as simple as possible. As I said 27 potentiometers and 17 on/off switches to activate or disable some of the 27 potentiometers. I thought it would be more simple but maybe it’s not.

What do you mean by disabling the potentiometers? ‘Freeze’ them or set them to zero?

Do you plan on using MIDI over USB, or do you want to use a 5-pin DIN MIDI connector?

Using analog multiplexers is really easy.