MIDI-to-DMX for Drum Machine, Keyboard, MIDI Song Files

Hi, I'm wondering if there's interest in some code that does fade-offs, color changes, and color mixing. Here are some videos:

Also wondering if there's interest in a MIDI-to-DMX shield that is designed to mount inside a box for stage performances. If the answers are Yes and No, I would still be glad to share the code.


I wouldn't have any use for such a shield, but MIDI to DMX has been done before and there might be some demand.

I'd say the big issue is that there are lots of variables on the MIDI side as well as the DMX side so every user is going to require different/custom software that they'll have to write themselves.

Thanks for the feedback. I decided to not sell a product at this time, but I did create a web page with instructions, photos, and code: