I'm in need of a bit of help... I want to have the Arduino via USB show up as a MIDI device/controller to Mac based applications like FCP, Logic, Etc sorta like a control surface does. But I want to get the TimeCode data being sent to MIDI from these apps and then use it on a hardware display.

Any ideas? I'm still very new to Arduino and want to do this correctly. Thanks!

This is quite hard to do. The Arduino only normally works as a USB serial port, using the FTDI chip and its drivers. You'd need to look into the AVRUSB library, which is not easy to integrate with the Arduino IDE.

Interesting, How about creating software that would show up as the MIDI device then the software would get the information, then send it to the Arduino in a way that the Arduino would understand? Thoughts?

If you can do that sort of driver-level programming on MacOS, then yes. It would be a sort of proxy, going between a MIDI driver and the Arduino's FTDI serial port driver.

Okay, thanks I will have to figure that out then.

One approach would be to use Max/MSP, which would get the info using its serial object, then it would pass the information from serial along to OS X's CoreMIDI, where it could be seen from other applications.