Mikroe click boards and Arduino UNO


I have recently bought the Mikroe NO2 2 Click (Mikroe-3700) and Ozone 2 Click (Mikroe-2767) with the Arduino UNO Click Shield but I am stuck on how to get these to communicate with Arduino UNO.

I have got the source codes (.h and .c files) for both and both use SPI protocol for data transfer.

Please could anyone suggest some help to get me started on how to work these?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have got the source codes (.h and .c files) for both

Please post a link to where you downloaded them from.

For the Ozone 2 Click Board:

For the NO2 2 Click Board - see attached (sent by Mikroe themselves)

__no22_driver.c (4.45 KB)

__no22_hal.c (14.1 KB)

__no22_driver.h (6.03 KB)

I would suspect that MikroElektronika are supplying that code to use with thier own C compiler.

Have seen on another post https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=643114.0 and have tried the code by user Blackfin which seems to work with my Ozone 2 Click board

Does anyone have any suggestions for NO2 2 Click board?