Mini Wireless Router on a Shield

I think this is a great option for a wifi connected project. A TP-Link TL-WR702N wireless router mounted on an Arduino shield. The WR702N can operate as an AP, Repeater, Bridge, or Client with your project connected via an Ethernet cable. The cost of this router is 20 bucks. This is an “N” router, so it doesn’t drag down the connection rate for your wireless “N” network like the “G” wifi shields. Use the standard Arduino R3 Ethernet shield and library, no buggy wifi shield library. Did I mention this router is 20 bucks!

There are some construction tips attached.

Construction_Tips_WR702N_On_A_Shield.pdf (1.78 MB)

Hi, can you please explain how to connect arduino mega + ethernet shield to WR-702N router. I have trouble in configuration…

Nice !
I also use several of this cheap routers, very easy to setup and no extra code on the arduino for wifi setup.

Did you attach an external antena? How? Does it improve signal?

nice pictures

How you configure the wr702n depends on what you want to do. The wr702n can serve as an AP, Router (I don't think this mode is useful for our purposes), Repeater, Bridge, or Client. I have mine configured in Client mode which gives me a connection into my wireless network just like a wifi shield would. I think the Repeater mode is interesting because you could cascade several of these devices to extend your wifi network to reach more Arduino projects that might be out of range otherwise. The wr702n is configured independently of your Arduino project, here is a link to the TP-Link guide.

Yes, I'm using an external 9Db antenna and it did allow me to install my project inside of a metal enclosure. I attached a pdf with construction tips in my first post, you might have missed that. There are some links in that pdf that I should have placed in my main post.

I got the idea for this project from the following link.

The antenna modification came from here.

Thanks for your kind comments!

Thanks for your kind reply...
I want to connect arduino to a web server. I can do that using ethernet shield. But, I want to do this wireless using wr702n router.
Which mode do you suggest? Please give me details of configuring the router.

Seems like a nice router, I simply use an old repeater + ethernet-shield in a similar configuration.

Although I haven't got one, I would buy a TL-WR703N for just a few $ more... though.

Internally the router uses linux and by upgrading its firmware/OS to openwrt-firmware, it's possible plug the arduino in the routers USB-port, eliminating the need for an ethernet-shield.
Arduino Yun uses the same chipset as the wr703n and runs on Openwrt as well. Unfortunately a lot of routers are incapable of using openwrt and others aren't supported yet. Bottleneck for the 702 apparently is that it only has 2MB RAM instead of 4.

Yes, I've been looking at the wr703n also. I've read that the 702 and 703 use the same circuit board so it should fit on a shield the same way.