Minimum necessary board to toggle LED with mouse click?

Hello, I'm a total rookie when it comes to Arduino/circuits, and only slightly better with coding in general (some MATLAB experience, that's all).

I'm trying to set up a system that features an LED that turns on/off with each click of my mouse. Reason being, I need to be able to click on "start" on a separate force-recording application, and have the LED turn on when it's recording (without any delay... will be recorded by a video camera).

My friend has an Arduino Uno, and we've been tinkering with it while browsing the various Mouse-related functions available. Many reference pages that the Arduino Due is required (eg the MouseController library). I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'll need to buy (and from there, I'll also need to figure out how to make it work).

I welcome any insights you can provide. Thanks in advance to all for helping!


Mouse is connected to the PC, and then USB over to the Arduino? Or, Mouse connected to the Arduino directly?

Just the comp's regular mouse, ie the first option. Thanks!

I've only done serial monitor type programs out USB, not sure what software is needed to spy on mouse output and send that out the USB port.