Mkr Mem shield the famous 2MB spiflash.

i got some troubles with the 2mb of spi memory flash with this new MKR mem shield,
therefore the Sd card works perfectly well with the correct cs pin selected (pin4),
the Pin 5 (as cs) fail where it's supposed to work in the same condition since they share the same spi Bus (following the Arduino getting started website page...)

i use the SD lib.

2MB doesn't really worth it, but i m curious how can i make it run and learn something new by the same way...

Without going to deep in explanation? is it possible to access at spi FlashMemory without tweaking the spi lib ?

I'm hoping to find this out too. If you run across anything I am certainly interested.

Anyone got a solution, I have same problem with Mkr Mem shield with WiFi1010 board, can access SD card, no way to access the 2MB flash. thanks