MKS Base V1.6 without firmware

Hi !
I'm trying to use a MKS Base v1.6 to control a stepper (nema 17). I just want to be able to send rotations to the stepper, it's not for a 3D printer. Is it possible to control this stepper just like on a classic arduino, in C/C++, without using the Marlin firmware ? I guess I would just need the pins corresponding to the motor on the MKS, but I can't find it in any datasheet.
Thank you !

The MKS Base v1.6 is a combination of a mega2560 (Arduino Mega) and a Ramps 1.4 controller board. The 2560 pins to pin functions can be found in the Marlin firmware file pins_RAMPs.h. in the folder ..\Marlin-1.1.x\Marlin. You can then write your own code to replace Marlin using those pin numbers. I think that you would choose the Mega in the Tools, Boards to upload your code.