Monitoring and displaying temperatures and pressures


I am very new to anything Arduino related so I don't even know if what I want to do is possible or not and I couldn't find a definite answer from the other threads so I thought I would ask the experts' opinion.

I need to monitor and display a series of temperatures and pressures (in real time and displayed all at the same time on one screen).
It would be around 10 temperatures and 20 pressures.

From what I understood on the other thread I read, I would have to use at the very least an Arduino Mega or an Arduino Portenta machine control and considering the amount of sensor readings I need to display at the same time, I would probably have to go with a 7" screen.

Now my question is: can a project like that even be achieved with an Arduino and is it realistic for a beginner to be able to pull something like this off?

I you need any more information to get an idea of what I am doing, just ask.

Thank you all in advance for your help.

It's plausible, although for a beginner it's a big ask for a first project. You can make it easier by doing some pre-work reading a single sensor of each type and then writing a separate program that just does fixed stuff with the display.

That number of sensors may imply that you need an Arduino with a lot of pins. There are sensors that use a bus though (e.g. DS18B20), so it may not be one pin each. The display will likely need a non-trivial number of them too.

I suggest that you start with a lesser Arduino, a Nano perhaps - it will let you do the initial learning work with the other components on a breadboard. Cheaper to replace too, if you have a mishap.

This is much too less information to give you an answer.

What is "real time"?
What sensors do you use for the 30 measure points?
How far are they apart?

This is to monitor a big rig my company manufactures.
So basically all the sensors would be within a few feet from each other (think about a tractor trailer size)
As far as sensors go, I am starting from a blank sheet so I am open to anything that can make it work.

At the moment, when we test our rigs, we have sensors and dials scattered all over the place and I would like to have them all in one place so the tester doesn't have to walk around the rig all the time to go and read the different values.

If you are trying to measure anything that impacts safety, pay a specialist to do it - you are likely be amazed at how many bugs you will be able to cram into a tiny piece of code.

No, nothing to do with safety, I am just trying to come up with a better solution that what we are using right now.
Basically improving the tools we are working with.

What ranges of temperature and pressure?

Temperatures: 0-300 Fahrenheit
Pressures: 3x 0-400 bar
9x 0-60 bar
1x -1 to 6 bar

What do you use to do this now and how are the sensors fitted to the rig?

Right now we have individual pressure dials scattered all over the rigs and one multi channel temperature display.
The temperature sensors are fitted to the rig just for the testing phase and then removed.

You might be better off just buying displays for each transducer and have them stacked up in a panel .
You need a rugged reliable, accurate , maintainable system , not really a beginners project. Something like


I have a project that measures and displays just temperature humidity and pressure on a web page.
The sensor connects through an SPI interface

Another project displays 6 parameters using server sent events

so I reckon its possible. However you need to tell us about the sensors youre using so we know how they will interface; and you would be best starting with just one or two until the system is proved.

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