Monitoring Arduino vs sending data wirelessly

Hello - I would like to monitor and record rfid tag info. The arduino will not have access to ethernet or wifi. I have sent texts with an arduino using an a6 ai thinker. I was using IFTTT to record to a google sheet. IFTTT seems to work best with android phones and I have an iphone. I was able to get it to go through my daughters android phone but both the phone and the google sheet would get the message and of course it is not practical for her to get a lot of messages that way and I do not want to pay for another phone line.

What are my other low cost or no cost options? Where should I send the data and how do I collect it? The a6 ai thinker is also capable of gprs but I do not know much about that. Should I look at an iot app? Is there a software I can run on a server to receive that data? I am open to any options but would like some guidance where to research the best option because I do not understand the protocols.

Thank you,


I came across this - I will see where it take me. Other ideas would be appreciated.