More Alex compatible Arduino functions and skills - please!

Hello Arduino team I have started to create a project based to work later with IOT, BLE and Cloud via Amazon Alexa. After paining now for a "Maker" account - which i find very .... argh..... for only one project , my project now works again as is was. Reading values and set values works via the Arduino Cloud.

BUT when I want to add Alexa compatible variables there are a lots of limitations. Not every function is support. Alexa now supports a couple of new device classes not only switches, smart plugs and coloured lights.

Dear Arduino Team please add more compatible function to enable design new devices.
In my case it is an smart Fan with RGB LEDs, speed control for temperature and Humidity for example. I would be nice to have one device categories as 3 detected devices.

For example a list of Amazon supported categories:

  • Lamp
  • Plug
  • switch
  • camera
  • key lock
  • motion sensor
  • security system
  • hub
  • router
  • temp sensor
  • cleaner
  • tv remote
  • speaker
  • HVAc,
  • development kit
  • Fan
    . etc...

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