More than 4 stepper motors on CNC Shield / UNO?


I am very new to Arduino and my electronical knowledge is not better than what I've been taught at school and my programming skills are Basic from C64 times. However I am eager to learn.

For a CNC projekt I installed an Arduino Uno with CNC Shield and 4 drivers (3 individual motors + 1 clone) for 3 axis. I want 2 X-, 2 Y and 1 Z stepper motor, each axis-motor running synchronous but opposite as they are mirrored on the opposite side of the axis. Or in other words, 2 motors at each end pushing the carriage.

Currently it works fine with 1 motor on each axis with some yet neglectable shearing strain. When I'll put some more weight on the mill carriage this strain for sure will be a problem, so I need another motor on the other side.

Question: From my basic knowledge it should work to just attach the second X-motor to the first X-motor's cabling, just the other way around to reverse it? And if so, what reason - other than convenience - exists to have a clone driver?

However 2 motors on one driver drain more Ampere than just one, not too much because the workload total is nearly the same -1 motor doing 100% vs 2 motors doing 50% (plus some losses.)

You can wire the motors in series for the same current (but lower top speed) this imposes less load on the driver chip. Phasing can be reversed by reversing A pair for B pair, or swapping the A wires, or swapping the B wires.

So to be clear, A winding on one motor in series with A winding on other, ditto for B windings.

great, thank you!