Mosquito control, killing off the females, 100+ meter radius

The components are from off-the-shelves, no programming required
However this is a show case of Arduino that enable us to build the "dual probe thermostat" in order have the devices tested. and data collected. Thanks to Arduino community. (It' simple and I will post later FYI)

Main text: Mosquito control, killing off the females

Thanks to Research Square that I received invitations from several peer reviewed journals within only 5 days posted. And i will keep the community posted of the progress.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

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Some practical issues & experience. (So you don't have to offer yourselves to get bitten in order to learn the same lessons)

  • I have had hard time to use the wax warmer that have a turning nod to control the temperature. With the digital controlled as in the picture it needs a manual turning ON after power outages.

  • The device should be placed in dark, or shade areas, away from the house or at least the outside of the door in this case you may see some hanging at the door jam on the hot days, they are harmless males trying to get cooler.

  • It's recommend that you build auto feeding because the device evaporates 2,3 oz. or 1/2, 3/4 inch a day.

  • Among warm blooded animals, human has the lowest body temperature (37°C). Mosquitoes like the warmer better but not over 42°C, 41° is the best choice. They also like lower positions (They like your feet more than your face), thus, it should be placed on or near the ground level.

  • Unlike the repelling lights that effect immediately upon ON-turns, The device requires at least an overnight duration from dusk to dawn.

  • After a few days people normally take it for grant. If you experience bites please check the device if it has 'water' and ON. If there is sour smell it won't work, please have it cleaned and make sure you have enough antibiotics. With auto-fill it's supposed to last for months (set-and-forget, no maintenance) out of common sense it should be cleansed every few weeks.

Happy Mosquito Free

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I have a pending issue if you can help. - Help the community or help yourselves.
How to 'kill' male mosquitoes. People just flick out when they see them, just mosquitoes.

In my experience and experiments I am able to kill at least 80% of them when near to the warm bait I place an other one with its temperature just a tiny, tiny lower then the surrounding without using evaporative effects; it produces too much moisture affecting the whole system.

If the cost is not a concern then of-course it can be done.

The real issue is the cost.

Any idea could have them done at a reasonable and affordable cost to the mass? Perhaps an Ardiono base tiny, tiny AC?

Happy Mosquito Free!

Peltier cooler?

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Have you done an environmental study to find the impact of the loss of food supply for various birds, amphibians, fish, and even other insects?

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Back then when I tried to replace the evaporative cooler with an real AC I was thinking of having one myself but the 10A power supply in order to have it operated?

FYI: The bait need just a tiny, tiny difference (0.1° to 0.5°?) they don't like them too cool.


NO! I don't think I am qualified.

  • I feel bad because the geckos moved away (with the light).

  • I have a mixture feeling of bad and good when I noticed that I have more silent night when the neighbors' dogs quit sporadically bark. It happened when they in and out the treated area.

  • On my observations human are not the main food source of mosquitoes. Among the warm blooded our warmth is in the bottom of the list. They like warmers.

  • Back then, when I had a free running dog in the backyard, I was able to gather larger number of larvae in thousands per week, It reduced to about a hundred when I gave her away.

Happy mosquito Free!

I feel bad, too, when the big fat trout are all gone, the bats at night are all gone, the swallows flying all over during the day are mostly gone, the frogs are mostly gone, etc.

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You are probably overthinking it.
There will still be enough for all those creatures with the exception of some smaller (very small) areas where a few humans use these methods. There will also be plenty of thier other foods still available too.

Of course the other foods depend on us not polluting the water.
We all know that's more of a concern with the big companies looking for cheap methods of getting rid of waste.

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Actual truth for Central Oregon. The forest Service and many other government agencies have pretty much sprayed the mosquitos out of existence so the tourist can float their bare bodies on the lakes and rivers and the golf players can not be bothered while playing.
The end result on other wildlife is as I wrote.
There are so many different varieties of mosquitos that no mechanical/electrical means can really reduce the total volume.

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Central Oregon sort of says it all.
America one of the highest ranking countries ... when it come to pollution :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I personally do not think that it's wise to kill any including the "harmful" such as ants, mosquitoes. God create them for the purpose. It's our limitation, we are not able to fully understand the impacts, perhaps they experience the world millions years long, long before us. We are the late, late comers.

Go back to the mosquito things.
I don't like to see if anyone want to apply the methods in large scale kill them because they are mosquitoes. We don't have to.
But it's good to establish mosquito free islands where people's lives get a little easier. such as with the light you and you friends can after work, enjoy some beers in the backyard without be bothered by those mosquitoes (I have my coffees under the morning sun in the backyard) They don't want to harm or to hurt you but only try to survive.

God gives us gifts, as long as we use them responsibly. They (may) become curses if we abuse them.

Happy Mosquito Free!

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Pending practical issue. or wish list

At the moment there is not a product that was designed for the purpose. Just the workarounds of using wax warmers, slow cookers also work too! They evaporate too much and require to have the solutions full at near the rim in order to have the surface fluctuate between 98° → 106° .

If you or your company contemplate such product lines they should have the followings "requirements".

  • Its surface should as same as of wax warmers or bigger.
  • Wax warmers allow user to set at 1° differences please make them more precise. (or fix at 104° F)
  • Wax warmer place the temperature probe in the bottom of the container while mosquitoes see the 'surface'.
  • There are no built-in i/o for user to implement auto-fill mechanism in wax warmers. The device should have 1. At the moment the mechanism use syphoning method.
  • If it's possible to provide some kind of a roof but accessible to mosquitoes

Happy Mosquito Free!


By product.: Destroying outside ant colonies from . . . inside..
Happened when ants come to the house.

By volume:
1- Boric acid + 8 powdered sugar. (granulated sugar does not work very well).
Like other ant control 'products' the ants go shortly but it takes several days for the colony to die. They unintendedly carry the toxin home.

Happy Mosquito Free.

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Comments from scientists???? Serving science???

I think they reaffirm the validity of the work, different in 'style'
For practical purpose we want to see the result.???

Reviewer 1
Testing new products linked to mosquito control and surveillance is an important aspect to improving our ability to combat the diseases caused by mosquito-transmitted pathogens. This manuscript attempts to describe an attractive toxic bait, which, if we believe the results, does attract mosquitoes. However, the study and the manuscript have not been rigorously implemented and should not be published in a scientific journal.

The introduction has numerous formatting issues: it starts with a conclusion, contains no citations, contains the large part of what should be the methods section, is largely speculative and does not explicitly state the aim of the study.

The methods are insufficiently described and key details have been omitted, for instance, the concentration of boric acid used in the baits, the dimensions of the bait station. There is no clear protocol outlined, and it would be impossible for anyone to repeat the experiments described herein. It is unclear where or when the study was conducted, or what species of mosquitoes were captured. The control treatment is not adequately defined in the text.

The results are inadequately described, and in fact are written as a list. The discussion makes baseless inferences about the local mosquito population or the distribution of mosquitoes in the area without any supporting data being presented.

Reviewer 2
The whole article should be rewritten. Extensive editing is required to make the text and causal links clearer. I wonder if the author already read a scientific article. I advise him/her strongly to look at the structures of scientific publications and writing style. This looks more to be a book story (neighbours were happy…The key was not the time of the day, but the sunrise… It became a laboring chore everyday to gather and kill…. These results came from hard lessons learned over 5 years….The greenhouse effect from a meters-away LED was too minuscule for us to glimpse, but the mosquitoes indeed possessed special capacities to sense such coolness on the other side….Thus, good days are yet to come etc etc) than the presentation of a scientific study. Due to the unstructured and non-comprehensively written article, I am unable to assess its scientific quality.

The introduction should be entirely rewritten in a scientific manner. It cannot start with: “ In the field, the above-mentioned scheme worked, and the neighbors were happy.” The above-mentioned scheme, what is it? Independent of the abstract, an introduction should Present the topic and get the reader interested, provide background or summarize existing research, position and detail your specific research problem, give an overview of the paper's structure. Other example: “Findings, regardless of how valuable they are, are stepping stones to pave the way on which the next generations walk.” A scientific article is not an opinion paper. There is no to little references.
“The composition of the baits was simple: mosquitoes feed on nectars made up of sugary solutions. Boric acid is a known insect toxin. Mosquito feed on warm-blooded animals and antibiotics are germ-killing agents used to prevent things from being spoiled and to keep them active as long as the losses of active ingredients are compensated.”: what does this mean??

The results are somehow described in introduction, then experimental methods (if they are) given and then in result section, there is not a single sentence but only numbers.
“5 Control sessions: From 07/30/2021 → 08/03/2021, 5 pictures with females and males separated (shown in Figure 8). The counts were:

  1. 133 mosquitoes:
  2. 68 males (51%)
  3. 65 females (49%).”

No statistical analyses.

The discussion is not structured at all with results and a succession of bullet points.

Figure quality is very bad, eg figures 1, 2 and 3. There is no figure legends.

Lines should be numbered for submission to a journal.

“ Without temperature control measures however, these methods are mainly useful for only
nectar-feeding insects, including male mosquitoes, because the warmth of the blood is a condition for the females to locate their meals”: To my knowledge, female mosquitoes also drink on nectar while it is not warm. Therefore they can locate a sugar meal while not warm.

“Although the caught mosquitoes were almost exclusively males, the numbers significantly increased.” What does this mean? Most of the paper is written this way and cannot be understood.

“Furthermore, (b) crystals began to form when the solution reacted with gelatin, a form of animal fat and complex amino acids (showed in Figure 3).” What is gelatin?

There are many more but I will not copy all the publication here.

Few minor modif but I will not list them all as too many
disease-carrying viruses> disease-causing? Viruses or bacteria do not carry diseases
the uses of > the use of
sugary mosquito baits> sugar baits to control mosquitoes, modify the sentence accordingly
natural spoiling process > Spoilage?
sugary solutions > sugar solutions

Personal note: -- Please Help!!---
I always prepare myself for not to see the works to be widely accepted during my lifetime. However for heaven sake, if you or you know of someone who can help to satisfy those comments??? - My wife and I don't mind to pay for the purpose. It seems like I am playing the fear 'card', in reality, we are talking of thousands of lives lost everyday during mosquito seasons. Only a small, tiny percentage saved is worth of everything. Like a pizza delivery person I am not allowed and have no desire to take any piece for my myself and my family..


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