Motion Shield / BNO055

Hi everyone,

after playing around with some MPU6050 Sensors I decided to try the official Arduino 9 Axes Motion Shield. There are some threads in here regarding this shield and it's functionality - sadly I still couldn't get it to work.

So a few informations:
I'm using an Arduino Leonardo with the Motion Shield on top and would like to get the Motion Data. I've downloaded the 'official' library as well as another user pointed out: the updated version by trullock.
I tried every code snippet in there (even after changing the Interrupt and Reset Pin). Sadly I can't get any data from the device.

Code compiles just fine btw. I'm fairly sure the problem is caused by:


I've tried running the I2C-Scanner and it seems to lock on the first address - no Serial Prints whatsoever. I'm fairly confused and wondering if anyone could help.