New 9 Axis Motion Shield

My new "9 Axis Motion Shield" just arrived that I bought a few days ago from the Arduino store. This is my second 9 Axis shield. The first/older shield has solder points to solder the interrupt to D2 or D7. I'm not using interrupts.

The new shield has the solder points in a different location next to the headers and is already soldered for D2. Will this make the 9 Axis shield not deliver data like my older shield? I ask because the new shield has its orange "Int" LED light always on and is not delivering data. I used the same Uno for testing each shield. Not getting data from the new shield and that orange "Int" LED just stays lit.

If I jumper the older shield setting "Int" to D2 it doesn't light up the orange "Int" LED constantly like the new shield. Should that new shield have its "Int" LED always powered?

Picture attached. Old 9Axis on the left. New 9Axis on the right.



I solved the problem and will leave these posts here in the event anyone else has the same issue. The old 9 Axis shield has the "Reset" jumper area soldered to D4. The new 9 Axis shield (arrived 2019-08-23) has the reset soldered to D7.

I had to modify the NAxisMotion.h file with the change as follows:

//GPIO pins used for controlling the Sensor
#define RESET_PIN		7    //--20190824 was 4  //GPIO to reset the BNO055 (RESET pin has to be HIGH for the BNO055 to operate)

Now everything is working fine. I'm going to make the pins parameters so the user (me) can pass the values into the routines. Back to developing. Happy prototyping everyone.