mounting potentionmeters

Out of all of my coding, wiring, mounting, and incessant tweaking on my first project, I'm stuck at the very end, trying to mount potentiometers (pots) to my project box.

I have 10 linear pots from sparkfun (link here: )that I'm trying to get mounted in some form to the plastic lid of a project box. I've attempted to:

  • tape them in (torque from turning them moves tape and they eventually fall out)
  • use foam board with sticky on one side (sticky wouldn't stick right, torque caused it to fall off)
  • soldering (haha. lid got melty)

I have a dozen other schemes to make it work, but thought that I might get some opinion from others on the best way to mount pots to a surface before I end up disappointed with the project altogether.

Thanks for any inputs or pointers to get things up and running. I'd be willing to look at some other linear pots out there if they were easy to mount and get running.

Thanks for your time


Silicone based glue might work fine (clear drying type used to seal tiles and such), plus you can cut loose that kind of glue if you ever wish to reuse the pots.


Solder the pots to a piece of perfboard, then mount the perfboard to the enclosure with standoffs or tape.

Solder the pots on a piece of perf board that matches the size of the inside of the box. When you solder them in make shure there in the pattern that you want. drill the holes, use whatever means you find to mount the board to that box. I'd use standoffs.

Solder the pots to a piece of perfboard, then mount the perfboard to the enclosure with standoffs or tape.

I also think this is about the only way to make it really hold for any length of time

i have used various types of glue and if you can deal with the mess they have one drawback, they become unstuck very easily

Hot melt glue is good assuming the part in question doesn't get hot. It sticks pretty good to plastic project boxes and stripboard / pcbs and can usually be convinced to let go if the worst comes to the worst. Its cheap assuming you already have a glue gun. :)

You guys are nine kinds of awesome. Thanks for all the input.

I think I'll go ahead with the perf-board-and-standoffs route to get this project put to bed. I'll definitely make a point of going with panel mount pots in subsequent projects, so I don't have to run into this particular issue again.

Thanks again for all the good ideas,