MP3 player with file names arduino

As part of my project (mp3 integration in BMW E39 radio) I need the actual mp3 player that would be able to supply the actual name of mp3 file to arduino, so I can write it on display.

I had searched alot, but didnt find the player / decoder that would do that. I am aiming for the actual full size file name. Would need USB support, but if no other option I would use tf card.

I am aware that I could use iPod, but would like the Usb much more.

I managed to control original radio dot matrix display working, it was common sense to me that there is mp3 player with filename qery available and didnt do any research before.

Surely there must be something, even the cheapest chinesse car radios do display filename.

If anyone has any solution please shine some light on me.

Thank you

Most audio shields have a way for the Arduino to read the SD card.

You might look into the Raspberry Pi It's more of a "computer" with an operating system (including a file system of course) and it has an analog audio output.

Hy, thank you for your reply.
I was thinking about raspberry, but I`m concerned about boot time, stability and porting my display code to it, I also have zero experience with raspberry... this should be possible without linux.

I might try to use DFPlayer mini along with some other usb reader and make it work in a way that arduino would first read the txt file of filenames and copy it into array on power on, then switch to DFplayer and display filenames from that array.
And finaly I would make simple windows software that would copy my songs to flash drive, auto-rename them for DFplayer file-name-standard and auto-generate the playlist.txt file.

I didnt do any research, but just from top of my head: This could be the exact reason why older Apple products needed iTunes to sync music onto their devices? File indexing?

Did some research about DFPlayer mini and... WOW I cannot use that chinesse gem, sound quality wise it is more suitable for making birthday card from late 90s that singed when you opened it, than for hi-fi standard that I need. Problem with file names is one thing, but I cant go past the sound quality....
Leaning more towards iPod or it is perhaps time to find usb mp3 player device that has some type of uart, i2c, ttl,... communication for display and alot of study to translate the data into text...

Would need a spare car stereo with usb that I could open and see what ic is used for decoding mp3...

I opened cheap xplore headunit yesterday and to my expectations found another chinesse IC that is not only small for soldering, but also there is no datasheet for it.

I know for sure BT-201 bluetooth module when in MP3 mode outputs file names, but it has some weird spacing in between letters so you would need to do some additional parsing

Thank you very much. I searched eveything possible and didn't find this board.

Do you have it, can you confirm that this is the one?

How is the sound quality?
Do you have library or any sketches for it?

It is everywhere, aliexpress, banggood or ebay, in fact just ordered another one as I’m running out of them BT201 Dual Mode 5.0 Bluetooth Lossless Audio Power Amplifier Board Module TF Car Sale - Banggood UK Mobile

The sound quality is very good, and there is plenty of documentation on the web to describe AT commands, but it works just as well with buttons out of the box. My favourite feature is you can set your own bluetooth name.

Yes, I am looking at it on right now, will have it in few days.

Thank you for the information

The same company made 3 more types of boards all based on the same microchip they developed. Another board was BT-301, it had line-in and FM radio functionality if flashed with FM firmware. I managed to buy 2 before they disappeared. You can still buy them from Chinese websites so I’ve heard.

I managed to get 401 from mouser, it is stereo and on smaller board. I found out that 201 is mono.

no 201 is stereo, there might be a variation that uses mono KTxxxxx chip on it, but every single 201 board I bought (about 6) was stereo

Oh, I found that information on few websites... maybee it has only stereo plug?
In either way wont hurt to have some spare at home.

Yes the plug is stereo but speaker output is mono

received 201 today and it`s stereo yes. If you have the code for quering filenames can you please share it with me....
This is what I get for test1, test 2, test3, test 4
Brez naslova
I have correct baud rate (115200), commands (play, next, ...) are working.
I have both serials set at 115200...

Here is manual in English: BT201 Module _KT1025A_B_User Manual _V2.3.pdf (2.8 MB)

Thanks... problem was in softwareSerial and high baudrate, using hardwareserial solved the issue.
However longer filenames are still not displayed correctly...

I havent used it much for track listing so wouldnt know what to tell you. I know it is supposed to display chinese characters so maybe the weird spacing are the extra bytes and you need to parse those accordingly

Will try to solve something....
Were you using DFRobot_BT401 library also?

No, it is simple AT command set you dont even need Arduino to communicate with the board, could just hook it directly to USB with serial adaptor and use Arduino console to send/receive data

How is it going? Just want to post an update, in case you or anyone else is interested. After sending messages back and forth to the manufacturer I think I managed to persuade them to release more stock of BT301 board so there is one seller on Aliexpress that is now selling it.

KT1025A chip the board is using is really a marvel of engineering. It has top quality DAC on board that has own analog ground. I compared the pcbs and it appears BT301 has this analog ground properly routed and as a result is less noisy than BT201 that has not.

I’m thinking of modifying BT201 board to see if it can be turned into BT301, I think it is possible, I also want to see if I can separate analog ground in the process that would make dealing with ground loops so much less of a pain.